10 Shocking Pictures of Celebrities Without Makeup

#1 Uma Thurman

Uma’s been around Hollywood for nearly 30 years and still looks fantastic.  You might not remember her from her “Johnny Be Good” or “Baron Munchausen” days but it’s hard to believe it’s been that long.  Uma is still gorgeous with or without make up and we look forward to seeing her in the years to come.


#2 AnnaLynne McCord

In what came as shocking news a while back, McCord revealed that she had a major skin disorder.  So while this picture of her without make up may come as a shock to most people, it’s actually a great picture for all the young women and men out there who struggle with skin issues.  McCord has been very open about it and increased awareness as well.  Clearly she can rock the make up look like no other but we’re proud of her for sharing the no make up look as well.


#3 Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone was once know as one of the hottest actresses of the early 90s.  Her sultry role in Basic Instinct took her into instant superstardom.   But now that she’s in her 60s she’s even more feminine and powerful than ever.  Stone is 100% proud of her looks, body, and everything else.  Even without make up she can easily compete with women half her age in the beauty department.


#4 Jennifer Lawrence

If feels as if Jennifer Lawrence has been around forever.  If there’s one woman who couldn’t care less what people think it’s her.  The Hunger Games star has always been known to go her own way and will continue to do so.  Without make up she does look a little different than what we’re used to but we’d be happy to look like with or without make up.   Wonder what she’s drinking there.


#5 Nicolette Sheridan

Sheridan has been a famous figure for over 30 years but came back into the spotlight during her time on Desperate Housewives.  Sheridan was one of the most sultry 40s women at the time but received some criticism for her non make up look.  People claimed all kinds of surgery and injection.  No matter what claims are true, she’s in phenomenal shape.  However we do agree that the photo on the left isn’t one of her best.


#6 Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff has had a nice career resurgence as she’s now starring on the show “Younger.”  We’ve seen Hilary since her child acting and singing days and she’s handled the public pretty well.  When Hilary takes the make up off she looks stunning, virtually the same as she does when the make up is on.  In most cases coffee doesn’t seem to have the greatest effect on looks but it doesn’t seem to affect Hilary in the slightest.


#7 Beyonce

She’s the most powerful woman in music.  She’s a leader.  She’s confident.  She’s a natural beauty, and no matter how many pictures people catch of Beyonce without make up on, it’s not going to change a thing.  Just as beautiful being made up as without.   No matter what outfit or look Beyonce brings to the table, people are going to notice, and rarely will she get criticized, and rightfully so.


#8 Mila Kunis

The picture to your left is probably one of the most famous Mila Kunis pictures of all time.  Obviously she doesn’t look her best there but we’d venture to guess it was early in the morning, she may have been sick and she STILL looks good!  And now after being a mother Mila has a different kind of glow and beauty about her that only mothers can have.  She’s a true inspiration.


#9 Lady Gaga

One thing we know about Lady Gaga is that she’s always going to go her own way.  Whether it’s an outfit that will make everyone second guess her or she’s coming out au naturale you’ll always get something real from Gaga.   She used to be crazy with the make up but lately she’s been showing more and more of that beautiful face without the aid of make up.


#10 Anne Hathaway

There are many that argue that Anne Hathaway looks cuter without make up.  We’d have to agree.  While the actress looks stunning wearing gowns, dresses, and dolls herself up for awards shows, she’s just as gorgeous when she’s getting a coffee sans make up.  Even at her “worst” she still looks her best and we can’t wait to see whatever she’s working on next.